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 For You Awsome "V.I.P Users"Guide For You

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PostSubject: For You Awsome "V.I.P Users"Guide For You   October 11th 2010, 4:55 pm

Ok this is my second guide for all you VIP users, this one is about how YOU can make a one shot kill code for nearly any game, easily***46; Without even touching the weapon mod areas, you can do all this in cheatmaster***46;

Ok, there are multiple ways to make a one shot kill code, i will be explaining the 2 easiest (imo) to make, one is a lot more complex than the other however, but may not work in some games***46;

These are all the commonly used methods, i'll be detailing the first 2 (the 2nd was invented by me )

1***46; Making a "Multi" code or just a single code to lock some, or all, enemies health at 01 (meaning OHK)

2***46; Creating a pointer that finds what enemy you are targetting, following this pointer with an offset to find the enemies health (complex)

3***46; Modifying the damage that the games weapons do***46; This is very difficult, as you can't actively search for a static address, however i am fast developing an easier method to accomplish this, using my secret method as a "template***46;"

Ok lets start with number 1

METHOD 1***58;

Ok this method is incredibly easy, all it reall involves is locking all enemies (or a few if game is DMA) health at 1***46; This means that when you hit them, they die***46;

Now most games have enemies in "slots" For example, when you fight a battle in FFVII***58;Crises Core,
the slots are like ENEMY 1, ENEMY 2 etc, regardless of what enemy you face, it will fit into one of these "slots" so for example, you fight 1 small worm, then your next battle is against 1 huge boss, their health is at exactly the same place (unless DMA, in which case you can find each slot individually and pointer it, common sense)

Now the slots are commonly equal distance appart***46; MEANING that all enemies health is the same distance apart MEANING if the game is non DMA, you can make a 2 line code that will lock all enemies health at 1, using the CW Cheat multiline method***46;

So look at this site again (its a great site, i recommend bookmarking it, as i'll be refering to it a lot***46;

http***58;//cwcheat***46;consoleworld***46;org/wiki/do ***46;***46;***46; ***58;psp_types
PSP Code Types

Now go to the multiline codes, i recommend using the 0x8 instead of the 0x4, its a lot easier to use as you don't have to divide anything***46;

So just follow the format so that it locks all the enemy slots at 1, simple (if you need more detail on making this type of code, just say so at the bottom and i'll explain more)***46;

METHOD 2***58;

Now i'm warning you, this method is very complex, and has not been thoroughly tested, however i've used this on game like Spider Man 3, Jeanne D'ark and FFT, and its worked no problem***46; Basically, its going to be a LOT easier if you do a game with a lock on system***46; But there are other ways***46;

Ok the first step of this method is to find some kind of connection between you and a single enemy***46; For example, targeting an enemy, placing a curser on the enemy, or even LOOKING at the enemy (kratos GOW looks at different enemies, usually the one closest) From now on i'll be speaking of this connection as a "target" though you can use any variables that provide said link***46;

Ok so start an unkown search, and target different enemies and the same enemy etc doing a unequal, equal etc search***46; Do this untill you have a smallish number of results***46; Now you need to look through your results for an address that has a value that looks like an address, for example the value may be 0x08814567***46; The value should be an address + 08800000***46; So ANYTHING greater than 08800000 is an option here***46; So scan through your results, adding ones that look like pointers***46;

Ok now target an enemy and find his health (standard way, hit him search less etc) you MUST stay targetting the same enemy***46; Now once you've found his health, look at its address, and compare it to all you pointer values***46; Your looking for one of your pointers that is pointing to an address SLIGHTLY smaller than your enemies health***46; If one is not there, you'll need to find another link, or the method isn't working for that game***46; If you HAVE found onem find the difference between where your pointer is pointing, and the enemies health***46; (first minus your pointers value by 08800000 to get it in cheat format) now remember this difference, this is going to be you offset***46;

So now, lets make our pointer, its simple, just follow the format as before

0x6aaaaaaa 0xvvvvvvvv
0x0002nnnn 0xiiiiiiii

aaaaaaa = This is the address of your pointer, the one that was in your results***46; The ADDRESS, NOT what it was pointing to***46;
vvvvvvvv = Set this at like 00000001 for one shot kill, but you can set it on like a big number if you want to like HEAL allies that you target etc
nnnn = just set this to like 0001, it doesn't do much lol
iiiiiiii = This is your offset, the difference between where you pointer pointed (lol) and the enemy health

Once you make your pointer, you can joker like an instant kill, or just leave it as one shot kill***46; But now, any enemy you targetm their health will go to the value you specified, as soon as you target them

Ok i hope this is all explained well, i know the second method is pretty complex, so its mainly for all you advanced hackers, but the first method should be easy to handle***46; Remember, if the game is DMA, just use a pointer on the enemies regular health, you won't be able to do a multiline code, but you can make like a one shot kill BOSS code, this is what i did for MHF2***46;

Enjoy these new methods***46;

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For You Awsome "V.I.P Users"Guide For You
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