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 (ULUS-10141) GUIDE: How make a code on mohh1

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(ULUS-10141) GUIDE: How make a code on mohh1  Empty
PostSubject: (ULUS-10141) GUIDE: How make a code on mohh1    (ULUS-10141) GUIDE: How make a code on mohh1  EmptyOctober 11th 2010, 4:52 pm

GUIDE: How make a code on Medal Of Honor Heroes

1. Start the game mohh1. Wait and nitePR popup. Click home button twice then hold - & +.

2. Now choose a game in ad hoc. Set time OFF and click on done. Now you go to choose what weapon you want made a code of it. So you need the Weapon values. Here are the weapon values:

===Weapon Value's===



M1 Garand


Springfeild Rifle

Gewehr Rifle


M1 Bazooka




Colt .45


Allies Nade

Axis Nade

M1 Explosion

Nade Value

3. Now choose a weapon. As you have decide what weapon you want activiet nitePR with - & +. Click 1 time on the R button and go to "Searcher". Now click on "Find exact value".

4. there you see 1 line: 0x00000000. There you'll put your weapon value in. Now as you've choose weapon thompson set this in the searcher: 0xAD8567E5. Now as you've done that click on "Search"

5. Now you find 17 results. You choose the one that begins with: "0x00F" and ends with: "0 , 4 , 8" (It ends only with a '0, 4 or 8' it dont ends with a 'C'). Here a example: 0x00F32D0? ( 0, 4, 8 ).

6. As you've found one that begins with a F and ends with a 4 and a 8 you try them both. Look to the address of the 2e line as that is a realy strange line you take that other one, understand?

7. Now as you've found the right one click on select. Then you see 2 options. you see: "Copy" and "Paste". You click now on 'Copy'. Then you click 1 time on the O button and then you click 3 times the R button so you go now to "Decoder".

8. There you see alot of lines but you only use the first 19 lines. Here you see what every line means:

19 line sub dynamics

1: weapon Value
2: weapon reload speed (something to do with your ammo)
3: ?
4: ?
5: bullet Speed
6: bullet Type
7: weapon Visual
8: ?
9: ?
10: spread shot
11: bullet visual
12: visuals of crosshair and accuracy
13: recoil
14: ?
15: ?
16: sound
17: amount of bullets
18: ammo ammount stored
19: rapid Fire

9. Now first a example: as you change the 5e line in 0x3D000000 and goes the bullet slower.
Now you've choose weapon thompson. You want make it explosion. For this you change the 6e line and the 17e line
* 6e line: you change this in explosion (from bullet to M1 explosion)
* 17e line: you change this because you shoot more.

10. Now change line 6 in: 0xBC289EAE. This is M1 explosion value (I have this value in weapon values same with nade). Now your thompson shoot bazzooka but only change now the 18e line in: 0x00080000.

11. Now you're done! You've made your own code for Medal Of Honor Heroes!

Activate the cheat

12. Now click on the O button to exit nitePR. Now kill yourself (with a nade).
Now click on the music button to activate the cheats in nitePR.

13. Now you become back alive and your tompson is shooting explosion!
Now save the cheats on your computer and its done!

14. Enjoy making cheats.

As you have any problems or you dont understand it just PM my for more help.

Value's found by DragonZero
Guide made by DragonZero
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(ULUS-10141) GUIDE: How make a code on mohh1
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